Accountant. Techie. Foodie.

Photo of Ronald Ip

Hello, I’m Ronald. I have recently graduated from Singapore Management University and am now a Risk Assurance Associate with PwC.

By day, I help corporate clients with US Tax Compliance (FATCA) issues and also help them with any ad-hoc technical questions that they may have.

By night and on other days, I dabble with systems administration, software integration, and I generally make websites happen.

I love bringing software pieces together and have them function beautifully as a whole.

Currently, I maintain an OpenVPN VPN-on-Demand iOS .mobileconfig generator, ovpnmcgen.rb, a few other utilities, such as TweetSnipper, instagramd, tumdlr, pwqgen, pwqgen.rb. You can check out my stuff on GitHub.

I am proficient with the LAMP stack, collaborative tools, such as git, gitolite, Bamboo, Confluence, and JIRA, deployment platforms, such as Heroku, and AppFog. In addition, I have experience with Amazon Web Services, such as S3 and EC2.

In my free time, I workout at a gym, swim at a nearby pool, I write on my blog and post pictures on instagram.

Currently not available for freelance projects.

PGP public 71D71151: 6A7E AB1E A822 E621 4DEC 11C4 F355 0635 71D7 1151.