Accountant. Techie. Foodie.

Mugshot of Ronald Ip

Hello, I’m Ronald, a graduate from Singapore Management University, and was a Manager with PwC Singapore’s Risk Assurance, Digital Trust Unit.

By day, I used to manage teams and review controls surrounding IT systems for their compliance and operating effectiveness, and previously, I helped corporate clients with US Tax Compliance (FATCA) issues and any other ad-hoc technical questions. I have also worked on Financial Statements statutory audits and internal Business Processes Audits.

By night and on other days, I workout in the gym with group fitness class, practice yoga, or dabble with systems administration, software integration; I generally make websites happen.

I love bringing software pieces together and have them function beautifully as a whole.

Currently, I maintain an OpenVPN VPN-on-Demand iOS .mobileconfig generator, ovpnmcgen.rb, a few other utilities, such as TweetSnipper, pwqgen, pwqgen.rb. You can check out my stuff on GitHub.

I am proficient with the LAMP stack, collaborative tools, such as git, gitolite, Bamboo, Confluence, and JIRA, deployment platforms, such as Heroku, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), such as S3 and EC2.

In my free time, you may find me working out in the gym with group fitness class, practicing yoga, swimming at a nearby pool, and posting on my blog.

Currently not available for freelance projects.

PGP public key 07867821: E61D B3E5 50E7 43B7 160A 7346 B74B 6167 0786 7821.
iMessage : APKTIDyIhRJBIqGrC5R2hi2FWP-YhZSvbKOb1rBEwwgPgOIwA6Kw.